Types of work sessions
Create a project

Work sessions are your ‘working’ folders in which you manage and receive people. Through work sessions you’ll be able to start working on your project: by bringing people from your gallery, receiving new profiles inside the project, or calling them to audition.

Pick from your people gallery

The purpose of this type of work session is to bring profiles that are already in your People gallery into the project, although this is not the only way to do it.

To create a session with selected profiles, click the ‘NEW SESSION’ button, select the desired profiles and click ‘CREATE NEW SESSION WITH SELECTED PROFILES’, then name the session and press ‘CREATE’.

You can add more profiles later on, by clicking the button ‘PICK MORE PROFILES’ inside the work session.

You also have the option to create a form for people to sign up to this session. By default, this kind of session doesn’t require a form, but you can create one by clicking the ‘CREATE FORM’ button in the top right.

Find new people

This is a work session designed to get new people into the project. It works through a submission form, so at the moment of creating it, you’ll be asked to create one.

Learn more about forms.

The people who complete a submission to the form will appear as profiles inside the work session, and automatically form part of your project and your People gallery.

You could bring people inside a Find new people session from other places (like other work sessions, albums and your gallery) but they will not have the information regarding this form unless they complete their submission themselves or you edit the profile from the work session location to add the missing information.

Also, you can add people yourself through the button ‘ADD PROFILES’.
See more about adding profiles.

Call to audition

The ‘Call to audition’ work session is similar to the ‘Find new people’ work session. They both work mainly through submission forms, but this one is intended to receive profiles you want to come to an upcoming recorded casting or auditions.

While the customizability of the form is almost the same as in ‘Find new people’, in forms for ‘Call to audition’ you can announce the date, time and place of the auditions.

Recording sessions

This kind of work session is for when recording auditions. It doesn`t include a form, since the main functionality of it is adding the recorded material in the audition to profiles that are inside another work session and form part of the project already.

Learn more about organizing recording sessions.